Over the last few years, The Asha Himalaya Foundation has accomplished much throughout Nepal- and continues to do so with several ongoing projects supporting orphanages, schools, and earthquake relief. Below you can see our current projects and where all the donations go.

The Love Company Orphanage

 The orphanage is where it all started. Asha Himalaya founder Cody Andrews volunteered at this little orphanage in Pokhara back in 2012, and quickly realized how much help they really needed. What started as pitching in for new school uniforms, school supplies, and toys, soon became a pledge to support the orphanage in any way possible.

Five years later, and we are still going strong, with the generous support of our donors keeping the lights on and the kids healthy and happy.

While Asha Himalaya has expanded over the years to include several other important projects in Nepal- The orphanage is and will always be our priority. 

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Shree Amorjyoti Secondary School

Nestled high up in the hills above Pokhara, the Shree Amorjyoti Secondary School is a small elementary school with a lot of heart. Serving around 20 low-income students, the school has been scraping by for the last several years on very little government assistance.

Upon visiting the school this past January, Asha Himalaya pledged to take care of school supplies, as well as food for all of the students. Because of the level of poverty of most of the students, providing lunch is the only way of insuring that all the kids will eat during the day.

Click on the button below to donate - any amount will make a huge difference in the lives of the students.

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